Hotels in Lanzhou

        Lanzhou Details

        Lanzhou is a large city and capital of the Chinese province of Gansu. Located almost in the center of the country, Lanzhou has a deep history that reaches back towards the 6th century BC. The Yellow River runs its course directly to the south of Lanzhou, and there's Lanshan Mountain in the same area. People who visit the city are pleased with the Lanshan hotels that are both inexpensive and great to stay at.If you travel by air to this region, you'll probably find yourself using the Lanzhou Airport. Hotels in Lanshan are located around this business so that you don't have to travel very far to enjoy quality transportation by either plane or taxi. In the city itself, there's the Bingling Temple, Gansu Provincial Museum, and the Qinqiang Drama for art buffs. Reserving a Lanshan hotel room of your choice online can be accomplished by searching's database and looking for a lodge that fits your schedule and finances.