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            If you want to travel to the Guangdong province of China and save some money, then look to Foshan as your solution. This city is great for offering numerous attractions of its own while being close to Guangzhou capital. That means that staying at a hotel in Foshan can reduce the expenses of your trip without having to pick a hotel in the capital that may cost a lot more.Foshan has many different places you go to to appreciate classic Chinese architecture. There's the Zu temple, a holy site that stands to this day despite being centuries old and having endured multiple wars and revolutions. There's also the Liang Yuan of the old the Ming-Qing dynasties. One of the oldest furnaces in the world can be found in Guangdong. It's been in use and kept alight since the age of the Tang dynasty. Discount Foshan hotels exist and provide great savings, but you should also save time by reserving a room online at the Foshan hotel of your choice. offers you the ability to do just that, and at the best rates.