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      Guiyang Details

      Very few places are as fast paced as Guiyang. This city of China's Guizhou province has been growing at a rapid pace since the 1990s, and is known for having beautiful environments and a lively atmosphere. Built along the Nanming River, this city naturally allows convenient access to a wide range of places that extend towards the local region. The hotels in Guiyang are very nice places to stay when you're on a trip to the city for any reason and on any kind of budget.Take the time to check out some notable sights while you're in Guiyang. There's the Jiaxiu Lou temple that is located on water, providing a beautiful place for taking pictures and enjoying the general scenery of the city. Transportation to and from this region is made easy by the likes of the Longdongbao airport and the Guiyang high-speed rail line. If you want to stay here or visit other cities, then save money by comparing discount Guiyang hotels with's extensive scheduling features.