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Hainan of China is an unusual province it that it's actually a collection of roughly two hundred islands off the coast of the mainland. However, when people refer to Hainan, they often are talking about Hainan Island, the largest of them all. Hainan is notable for not being very industrialized, so tourists looking for a place of natural beauty can appreciate this region. Sayna beach provides an incredible coastal environment, and the Xiuying Fort Barbette is truly amazing structure from the late 19th century. Hai Rui Tomb is here as well, and recognized as a national treasure. Another famous feature of the island are the Five Official's Temple.Get a great place to stay and an exceptional deal by reserving a hotel in Hainan using The features we have are unmatched in the industry in terms of quality and efficiency. You can compare rates, and reserve a budget Hainan hotel all from the convenience of your computer.