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    The history of Luoyang stretches back thousands of years, with the city usually serving as a capital or center of government for the king. Over the centuries, many have visited the region to see the thousands of Buddhist statues found in area caves. Among the most famous sites for those who venture from a Luoyang hotel is Longmen Grottoes, now on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. History buffs and students of the past also find their way to Luoyang Museum, filled with ancient relics from several dynasties. Among the tourist and student attractions are Dengfeng Observatory and several technical and science colleges. The White Horse Temple is regarded as the cradle of Buddhism in China.

    Check with Easy to find discount hotels in Luoyang and the surrounding area that will be convenient to the cultivation center where enthusiasts grow the city flower, peony. Drawing some visitors are the origins of the seismograph, printing and the making of paper. Luoyang is considered the birthplace of these critical processes. Most visitors find that dining is a popular experience, with hotels in Luoyang located near good restaurants or offering dining rooms of their own. Travelers coming to the city for the famous Water Banquet Shui Xi or some of the other local delicacies will find Luoyang hotels ready to provide excellent service.