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Zhengzhou Details

Since it is the capital of Henan Province, as well as a center for railroad activity in the region, there are excellent discount hotels in Zhengzhou convenient to business and tourist destinations. Among the commercial sites of interest are the grain wholesale center and a science park that features the latest in technology innovations. Considered one of the first Chinese cities, Zhengzhou was a dynasty capital thousands of years ago. This helps establish a town with rich culture that draws tourists to hotels in Zhengzhou. Visitors enjoy the Shang Dynasty ruins, as well as dozens of other historical sites.The Provincial Museum in the center of the city has hundreds of artifacts and photographs that keep the region's rich history alive. For those who enjoy natural beauty as a major part of their travels, Henan Province is also home to Baiyun Mountain, considered by some to be the most beautiful in the country. Visitors who have a budget hotel in Zhengzhou as their base of operations find that the green city is a model for using trees to enhance living in urban areas. Easy can help locate a Zhengzhou hotel just right for exploring these outdoor attractions or viewing such urban sites as the towers built to commemorate a 1923 railway workers strike.