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    Yichang Details

    Yichang, on the banks of one of China's well-known rivers, is both an ancient city with rich history and a modern transportation center. The variety of business and cultural features means there are budget hotels in Yichang offering excellent accommodations on the Yangtze. Over the past centuries Yichang was the scene of numerous military campaigns, primarily because the strategic location. Today, visitors who choose hotels in Yichang are conveniently located close to 21st century amenities such as Sanxia Airport, a modern railway station and a world-class electric generation facility. These commercial factors are, again, due in large part to Yichang's location.There is a significant tourism draw here as well. Three Gorges Dam has helped put the region on the map, attracting millions each year. The natural beauty of surrounding hills, caves and stone formations offers plenty of opportunity for the sight-seeing tourist who has a Yichang discount hotel as home base. Street markets offering fruits, tea and other local products are very popular with visitors as well. The climate and soil ensure that such items abound, along with the rich lumber harvest from area forests. Variety is a keyword for Yichang and Easy can help the traveler find the perfect accommodations to savor the experience.