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      Hunan is the perfect vacation spot when you want to spend time in an area with a variety of activities and sights to choose from. When you stay for a weekend in Hunan, youll want to experience a mixture of cultural attractions and natural sights. Popular Hunan attractions include Mt. Jiuyi and the Mausoleum of Emperor Shun in Ningyuan, and the Mawangdui Tomb which was excavated and discovered to contain many interesting relics. Other Hunan sights include the Hunan Provincial Museum and the Orange Isle on the Xiangjiang River. Shopping in Hunan is just as interesting experience with many shops, boutiques, street vendors and artisans selling their wares.You wont lack for things to do in Hunan. In the Hunan Province you will find the Dongting Lake which has many interesting historical sights such as the Lu Sus Tomb. You can also visit the centuries old Yueyang Tower. While visiting Hunan, you should make sure you take a trip to Wulingyuan which is a mysterious and wild looking natural wonder. Each of the craggy peaks and secluded mountain areas have myths and legends attached which only add to the enjoyment of the visit. As you can tell, Hunan tourism activities include many fascinating experiences. The Hunan culture revolves around tea plantations and bamboo groves and a reverence for an ancient past. There are palaces, tombs, museums and too many natural sights to list.