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    Inner Mongolia stretches across the northern region of China, and is a great place to take a vacation for those interested in seeing what China is all about. Inner Mongolia provides plenty of opportunities for engaging in beautiful scenery and appreciating wonderful architecture. The Five pagoda Temple, one of the most famous structures around today, can be found in Höhhot. Other features of incredible beauty found inside the capital city include the Dazhao Temple, XiaoZhao Temple, and Zhaojun Tomb. Elsewhere you can enjoy the Bashang Grasslands and the historically significant Mausoleum of Genghis Khan.Get only the most comprehensive selection of hotels in Inner Mongolia with You can compare rates, see how Inner Mongolia hotels measure up, and reserve a hotel room all from the convenience of your computer. Booking hotels has never been as fast or as easy as it is us. You're guaranteed to find what you need along with the cheapest services with