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            As the capital of China's Inner Mongolia, Hohhot serves the role of the region's cultural and economic center. This city features plenty of modern buildings mixed with ancient temples and structures that combine to make it a very attractive destination for tourists. Further making it a great place to visit are the hotels in Hohhot that provide great accommodations at a very affordable price.

            Geographically speaking, Hohhot faces the Great Dark Mountains to the north and has the Hetao Plateau located at the south of the city. During the summer, tourists like to go here to stay at any of the Hohhot hotels so they can traverse the Zhaohe grasslands that are located nearby. A major architectural attraction in the city is the Temple of the Five Pagodas, which was built in 1732. There's also the Da Zhao Temple and the Tomb of Wang Zhaojun. If you want to make your stay count, you should try to save as much money as possible by booking at one of the discount Hohhot hotels. This is possible with, which has everything you need to check out rates and compare ratings on the best Hohhot hotels.