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    Travelers to Inner Mongolia have many choices as to where to visit. For people that are seeking a bit of a history lesson, going to see the Genghis Khan Mausoleum in Ordos is an interesting way to spend some time. Although Genghis Khan is not actually buried at the mausoleum, it is still considered to be a main attraction because of its architecture. It is actually very close to the Ordos Airport and flights directly from Beijing only take an hour. The town is bordered by the Yellow River. Budget hotels in Ordos can be found near the Yellow River Canyon, which is a known tourist area due to its beaches and fishing.There are cheap hotels in Ordos in almost all of the seven banners, or districts and also within the Dongsheng District, which is the administrative seat of the city. The main languages spoken are Standard Mandarin and Mongolian. The capital city of Inner Mongolia is Hohhot, which is on the eastern border of Ordos. Hohhot is the home to the Five Pagoda Temple, which was built in 1732 and has more than 1500 Buddha figures.