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          The eastern coast of China is home to the splendid province of Jiangsu. Although it's not one of the largest provinces, it nonetheless features an amazing collection of sights and structures that fascinate and captivate the imagination and hearts of travelers. It's only in Jiangsu that one can find the Suzhou Classical Gardens, which are recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There's also the Lion Garden that can be found in Suzhou as well. Other interesting features of the region include the Grand Buddha at Ling Shan and the historical Chaotian Palace.If you're interested in finding a hotel in Jiangsu, then has everything you need from start to finish. You can do a quick search for a hotel that meets your scheduling needs, and then compare rates to find what best matches your budget. You can even see how user reviews rate the hotels in terms of quality and features. With so much provided right here on our site, it's easy to see how we're the industry leader in terms of quick and convenient booking services.