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Changzhou Details

Changzhou is a city found towards the inside area of China's Jiangsu province, along the Yangtze's southern bank. The city shares western borders with the capital of Nanjing, making it a place to consider when looking for Changzhou hotels that offer cheap rates and a close distance to the bigger city. Changzhou itself enjoys a high level of tourism, thanks to its notable architecture and interesting features. There's the Tianning Temple that has a large pagoda, and Comb Lane which runs alongside the city river.

People who need reliable transportation can depend on the Shanghai-Beijing rail line to bring them places and fast. There's also the Changzhou airport that brings people to a large number of Chinese cities. A very beautiful garden by the name of WeiYuan can be found in Changzhou as well. Altogether, it's a great city to visit, and definitely worth your time. Just be certain to book at a Changzhou hotel in advance by searching for discount Changzhou hotels using's extensive services.