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          The capital of the Jiangsu Province is also a city with a prominent place in the history and culture of China. Nanjing has served as the capital to the entire country during several periods, which reflects on the wealth and cultural significance of the city. It's located along the lower basin of the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River Delta that accompanies it. Altogether an important place of commerce and tourism, there are numerous Nanjing hotels that are capable of providing anything from simple boarding to luxurious stays.Considering the age of the city, there are some great relics from the past that can be found here. The City Wall of Nanjing that was erected during the Ming Dynasty stands proudly within the city boundaries, and the Jiming Buddhist Temple represents eastern faith and architectural sensibilities. For peaceful strolls there's the Divine Trail, a wonderful park area. Today, you can go to the Xinjiekou Commercial Area to see Chinese nightlife at its greatest. Because the city is so big, there are plenty of discount Nanjing hotels to compare when making a choice for staying in the area. simplifies the effort of reserving a room at a hotel in Nanjing by letting you do that online and find one that fits your exact schedule.