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    Nanchang Details

    Serving as the capital of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang offers numerous choices for accommodations. Travelers choosing a discount Nanchang hotel find themselves staying in the hub of a very interesting province. The Jinggang Mountains near the city were the hiding place in 1937 for what is now celebrated as the Peoples Liberation Army. In addition, the city was the center of a famous porcelain industry connected to the nearby city of Jingdezhen. Check with Easy to find a budget hotel in Nanchang that will be the perfect starting place for a trip to Lusahan Mountain resort. This spot is a very scenic destination memorialized in local and national literature.

    Nearby, travelers will find Jingdezhen, long considered one of the great towns of China. It is known as Chinas porcelain capital, providing pieces to royalty and, eventually, to people around the world. The area around Nanchang and the Gan River was a busy transportation area since it is located in a rare pass through mountains and rugged land. Settle into a discount Nanchang hotel and experience the subtropical climate, which helps produce an abundant rice crop, along with cotton and rapeseed. Visitors may even have the opportunity to experience the unique wildlife, which includes wild boar. Efforts are underway to develop preserves for reintroducing the tiger to Jiangxi as well.