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Dalian is a large city located towards the eastern side of China's Liaoning Province. As one of the most heavily developed areas of the country, Dalian enjoys a strong economic drive that has led to it becoming a hot tourist destination. The city can be found west of the Yellow Sea and near the Bohai Sea, putting it roughly within the middle of the Liaodong peninsula. It's an important spot for seafaring, and the hotels in Dalian make it easy to spend a night next to the coast, listening to the cry of the birds that grace this land.There are many reasons that bring people to a city like Dalian, but none of them should have to interfere with taking a little time to appreciate the local attractions. There is always a moment to take a breather and relax on one of the many beaches that can be found in Dalian. There's Tiger beach, Fujiazhuang beach, Xinghai beach, and several others that represent opportunities for spending some fun under the sun. Getting around to other cities is easy, thanks to an efficient light rail transit system and the Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport, which has numerous Dalian hotels scattered around it. Speaking of which, if you want to make a reservation at a hotel in Dalian, then you're at the right site. has what you need to do that and more.