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      Macau is a special administrative region of China that lies on the southern coast of the mainland. It shares the western coast of the Pearl River Delta, and faces the South China Sea towards the southeast. There's a strong culture with Portuguese influences that is unique to Macau, and tourists enjoy going here to revel in it. Hotels in Macau make for relaxing stays that are easy on the wallet, and local attractions provide excitement and pique curiosity.There are plenty of structures in Macau worth seeing. There's the Statue of Guan Yin, which is almost a pastiche of Guan Yin and the Holy Mary. There's the Largo do Sendaro center that has Portuguese pavement, and A-Ma Temple is a great religious shrine that was built in 1448. If you like what you see in this city, the Macau hotels that are available often are cheap enough to allow you to make an extended trip out of your visit. Just be certain to search for budget Macau hotels with and reserve a room while you're at it.