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    Shaanxi is a province of China that is located close to the center of the country. People from all around the world have spent time visiting this region due to the wonderful attractions that it contains. One of the most famous features of Shaanxi is the Terracotta Army, housed at the Mausoleum and Terracotta Army Museum. Another interesting location is Mount Hua, which is one of the famous mountains in the country. Of course, you can't forget about Taibaishan once you see it, because it's the highest peak that can be found within the Qinling Range. A famous structure of Shaanxi is the Daqin Pagoda, which fills travelers with awe every time they see it.If you're looking for a hotel in Shaanxi that has everything you need, then can provide you access to it. We have the best services around for reserving hotels online, whether they're located in Shaanxi or otherwise. You can find everything from user reviews to comprehensive listings of only the best hotels in Shaanxi.