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      Xi'An has the quality of being one of the oldest cities in Chinese history. Located towards the center of the mainland, this majestic place functions as a highly important center for culture, industry, and education in the surrounding region. There are restaurants, plazas, shopping centers, budget Xi'An hotels, and many more things to see, do, enjoy, and appreciate in this city.There's awesome architecture to be found in Xi'An as well. Plenty of pagodas, towers, and buildings provide a feast for the senses. Vacationers can excite themselves by enjoying trips to the Famen Pagoda, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Drum Tower, Jianfu Temple, and even Mount Huashan, which is recognized as being one of the most sacred mountains in the entire country. Because of the heavy tourism the city receives on a regular basis, hotels in Xi'An are often very full. Making reservations in advance is practically a requirement. Good thing there's which lets you book a Xi'An hotel online quickly and conveniently.