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        Qingdao hotels are scattered throughout this small center. If you want to stay in discount hotels, Qingdao has some for you to choose. Keep in mind that if you wish to go for only a weekend, Qingdao has many sites to delight you. Hotels in Qingdao are close to all the shopping centers and attractions that you may want to visit. You can use to find the Qingdao cheap hotels that you want.

        Qingdao is home of the Zhan Bridge, which is the first stop into the city after disembarking from the train. Of the three beaches to visit, the Golden Sand Beach (Jinshatan Beach) is one of the most popular to visit. It is highly recommended to visit Mt. Laoshan. This mountain holds huge significance to Taoism. You do not want to miss the Qingdao International Beer Festival. This festival celebrates Qingdao's long history in beer production. One last place to visit is the Small Qingdao Island. This island lies in the Qingdao Bay and is a famous and important resort in the Qingdao Coastal Scenic Area.