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      Located right next to Shaanxi is the province of Shanxi, both of which are found towards the center of China. Although travelers sometime get their names confused, once they have visited these areas, they certainly come away with a strong appreciation of the distinct qualities of each province. In Shanxi, one can enjoy the fascinating Zuoquan Country, known for being the site of historical battles. The Ancient City of Pingyao is located here as well, which has preserved ancient Han Chinese culture throughout the ages. The Pagoda of Fugong Temple in Ying County is here too, and Mount Hengshan isn't too far away.Looking for a deal that can't be beat on a hotel in Shanxi Then has what you want. Whether you're just looking for cheap Shanxi hotels or a 5-star establishment, you're able to get exactly what you desire by using our services. We provide an excellent array of features that are peerless in terms of quality and ease of use. Reserve a Shanxi hotel today and find out for yourself why this region is so great and why is the industry leader for online reservations.