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      As a rapidly advancing urban center, Chengdu enjoys being one of the world's top ten cities for investment. However, the region has a rich history as well, and Chengdu features some notable Chinese architecture from ages past. People enjoy going to Chengdu to take part in the rich culture of the city, which features fine restaurants, festive recreational facilities, beautiful parks, and good Chengdu hotels.One of the things you should keep an eye out for when traveling to Chengdu is the Dujiangyan Irrigation System. It's absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word, and is regarded as a World Cultural Heritage Site. Of course, there are other impressive sights and places in the city, such as the Jin River and the Anshun Bridge, or the historic Jinli Street. Chunxi Road enjoys a strong level of commerce and an interesting nightlife. Hotels in Chengdu are great for making you love staying in this city, because they provide a good nights sleep for only a small price. You can find a Chengdu hotel room and make a reservation with