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        One of the oldest places in the world dating back some 40 thousand years, Yibin is a lovely city in China. The city offers many wonderful activities to do while staying there including many hot springs, the Bamboo Sea and the Xingwen Stone Forest. After you finish visiting the many traditional places to see in the city including the hot springs, you can look for less conventional means of entertainment throughout the city. If you are feeling really adventurous you might want to hike up to the top of the Cuiping Mountain in the city to get the most breathtaking views over the city of Yibin. The city of Yibin is very old and because of this fact has many beautiful old historical sights to visit such as the Wuliangye Company, which is a traditional distillery of Chinese Liquor. This place and others like it offer you a glimpse of some of the old industries in the city. You will find some superb and cheap hotels in Yibin located near all the great attractions there. Finding the best of the discount hotels in the city is made simple using for help. You will have plenty of money to try all the best traditional Chinese foods and sightseeing when you save money on your hotel in Yibin.