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        Tianjin is a province and a city, it is one of the largest cities that can be found in China, and enjoys having the administrative status of a province. Visitors to this province enjoy the numerous attractions that it offers the curious. A famous feature of Tianjin is the Mazu Temple, which has fascinating architecture. Another great place to go is the Guwan Shichang, also known as the Antique Market. For a glimpse into the great history of this region, you can turn to Guwenhua Jie, which is known by English-speaking travelers as Ancient Culture Street. Finally, if you're in the mood for great sites of cultural interest, then you need to check out Xikai Church and the Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall.Finding hotels in Tianjin is now easier than ever with We're the industry leader when it comes to reserving hotel rooms online, and it's easy to see why. We put in the hard work of providing you only the most comprehensive database of hotels found all across the world, and put it right here on this site with user reviews and quick booking features that can't be beat.