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      If there is a region in China that draws visitors by the thousands, apart from Beijing or the seacoast, it would probably be Lhasa in Tibet. Many people around the world are familiar with this area because of Hollywood movies and books. The Chinese government is trying to work with this popularity by increasing tourism numbers to as many as 10 million in the next few years. Those staying in a Lhasa hotel will be conveniently located near several historic sites, such as Potala Palace, now a World Heritage Site. Travelers can check with to locate a discount hotel in Lhasa that will put them close to such historic sites as Sera Monastery, Norbulingka and Zhefeng Temple.The opening of a new railway in 2006 has spurred economic activity, leading some to fear the further destruction of religious and cultural icons. Many take the opportunity to walk around the sacred Johkhang Temple. The tourist can experience the ever-present wine that Tibetans enjoy as well, perhaps getting to know some of the 521,000 native Tibetans even better. A significant number among the population works in agriculture, with animals, or raising barley and wheat. Many visitors who have a Lhasa hotel as a base of operations enjoy finding traditionally made leather or textiles as gifts for those at home.