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      Xinjiang Uyghur is one of the largest regions of China, taking up at least a sixth of the country's total landmass. Despite its size, it's also one of the most sparsely populated. Nonetheless, this region is home to a number of fascinating features that will certainly the discerning tourist. For instance, the Tian Shan mountains are an incredible site that can be seen miles away. The Tarim River is a naturally beautiful feature of the land, along with the Pamir mountains. In the capital city of Ürümqi visitors can find the unique and slightly odd Glacier No.1, which is the largest glacier located near a Chinese city. There's also the less unusual but equally interesting Xinjiang Silk Road Museum in Ürümqi.Finding a great hotel in Xinjiang Uyghur was difficult, but now with, it doesn't have to be. You can use what we provide and reserve a Xinjiang Uyghur hotel in moments. You're also able to compare hotel ratings, and see how other users have felt about their lodging experiences. With so much provided and for no cost at all, it's truly easy to understand how can your next vacation an exceptional experience.