Hotels in Xishuangbanna

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Xishuangbanna Details

With a common name like mini-Thailand, it would stand to reason that Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province would have plenty of choices in budget Xishuangbanna hotels. This “autonomous prefecture” is in the extreme south of China and many consider the provincial population to be more closely tied to Thailand than to China itself. Rice is a key economic engine here, though the province is a very popular travel destination. Travelers will want to experience Songkran, a notable Thai festival or one of the rocket festivals. Among the most popular sites are the numerous pagodas and temples, many of which resemble Thai structures very closely.Venturing from a hotel in Xishuangbanna could put the visitor in the middle of a peacock dance or very close to a wild elephant. Adventurous souls might want to be involved in the Water-Splashing festival or watch the dragonboat race. Others might opt for a quieter pastime, such as cruising the many stalls in an outdoor market, where the colors of the products are matched only by the colors of the clothing worn by residents. Let help with locating a suitable budget hotel in Xishuangbanna, for whatever activities are on the agenda.