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      Amazonas is one of thirty-three departments of the South American nation of Colombia. It is the most southerly part of Colombia, surrounded on three sides by Brazil and Peru. Visitors can find cheap hotels in Amazonas in the principal towns; Leticia, El Encanto, La Chorrera, La Pedrera, La Victoria, Miriti-Parana, Puerto Alegria, Puerto Arica, Puerto Narino, Puerto Santander and Tarapaca.The predominant features of Amazonas are the Amazon River and the Amazon Rainforest. From Leticia, the largest town, you can arrange excursions. Budget hotels in Amazonas tend to fill up on the weekends, so its a good idea to book ahead. In Leticia you can see the archaeological museum in a beautiful old building that used to house the post office. You can also visit Monkey Island, though most of the monkeys there now are quite tame. It is easy to make visits across the river to Brazil or Peru. Just be sure to have the necessary documentation. A two hour boat trip upstream takes you to Amacayacu Natural National Park. In Puerto Narino all motorized traffic is banned. Here you can arrange to meet nearby Tikuna villagers who will tell you about their lifestyle. They will also take you to an observation post from which you can see wildlife.