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      There are many hotels in Cartagena. When travelling in Cartagena cheap hotels are easy to locate using maps. Use to find the Cartagena hotels that you can afford. Many discount hotels Cartagena are available for your accommodation needs. However, keep in mind that if you are only spending a weekend, Cartagena de Indias offers more than what you can fit into a weekend tour.Cartagena has several interesting sights to visit. The La Popa Convent is the site of the Barefooted Augustinian Recollet Priest's Convent that was built in 1607. It is now dedicated to the Our Lady of the Candles Festival. The Clock Tower is part of the main gate to the main city, and was built in the beginning of the 18th century by Juan de Herrera y Sotomayor. The San Felipe de Barajas Fortress is another site that is full of history. In addition, the India Catalina Monument is built in tribute to the Caribe culture – the original culture to the area.