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Boyaca was originally one of the nine states of the United States of Colombia. It is now one of the 32 departments of modern day Colombia. Boyaca is a special place in the hearts of Latinos beyond Colombia, because it was on a battlefield here in 1819 that the revolutionary hero Simon Bolivar won a crucial victory over a Spanish army. The site is now marked with monuments and an exhibition hall. If you are staying in a discount hotel in Boyaca, the site is easily reached by bus.The capital of Boyaca is the city of Tunja. This community has very friendly people, an interesting history, and some sites worth seeing. When the Spanish first arrived here, Tunja was the capital of a Muisca Indian king named Zipa. Some pre-Columbian sites outside the city, such as the Cojines del Zaque, can still be seen. There is a 16th century cathedral with a mixture of Gothic and Moorish styles. Another 16th century building was the house Bolivar stayed in before the big battle. It now houses an art gallery, the Museo de Museos. Commemorative events are held here from time to time. On the Plaza Bolivar there is the Casa del Fundador Suarez Rendon. This is one of the only surviving mansions in Colombia that was once the home of a conquistador. It has a beautiful courtyard with a fine view of the countryside. For information on cheap hotels in Boyaca check the listings.