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          Manizales Details

          Manizales is a lovely Colombian jewel, nestled in the Caldas region with a background of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano peeping above its skyline. Coffee lovers can rejoice, for Manizales is the top location for producing Columbian coffee. The land is very fertile, and coffee plantations abound. Citrus and other crops grow here as well. Nature lovers will enjoy the Park of Nevados, which is a national park and nature reserve. There is also the Springs of Ruiz, a hot springs area with water which some say is medicinal. Some of the discount hotels in Manizales take advantage of the natural resources of this area, and plan their offerings to their guests accordingly.Manizales also can boast of many museums. There is a Natural Museum of Histories, a Museum of Art, a Botanical Museum, and an Archaeological Museum. Each fall, Manizales hosts a Jazz Festival and a Theater Festival. January of each year is the time of Manizales Annual Fair. January is also bullfighting season in the city. Those who seek lodging in one of the budget hotels in Manizales will find that these establishments offer elegance and style as well as hotel amenities that are sure to please.