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      Quindio is a department in the western central region of the South American nation of Colombia. Though it is the smallest of the departments, it has Colombias largest urban center, Bogota, the national capital. The departmental capital is Armenia. Visitors staying at budget hotels in Quindio are in a region that has two main claims to fame; coffee plantations, and the beauty of the Andes Mountains.In Armenia you can see the monument to Simon Bolivar in Plaza de Bolivar. There are also two churches worthy of a visit; the modern cathedral, and the older Church of San Francisco. At Parque Uribe Uribe you can often hear free concerts. Armenia has the highest concentration of cheap hotels in Quindio. In Bogota the principal attraction is the Barrio La Candelaria, the historical and cultural heart of the city. It is one of the best-preserved colonial zones in Latin America, and a magnet for artists and writers. Around the main square, Plaza Bolivar, there are numerous churches and museums. On the south side of the plaza is the Capitolio Nacional, the seat of the federal government. A must-see for any visitor to Bogota is the Museo del Ora (Gold Museum). It is located in a bank building on the southeast corner of the Parque de Santander. It is one of the best museums in South America, with over 35,000 pieces of pre-Columbian gold work in its collection.