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    While one hardly thinks of an airport being exciting, the Dubrovnik International Airport can actually get you excited. It has quite the interesting history that started in 1936 in Gruda, Konavle. The first airport was destroyed during WW II and was rebuilt built at ilipi, which is where you will find it today. This airport was razed again in 1991-1992 by the Yugoslav army and once again it had to be put back together.The Dubrovnik airport has been undergoing yearly upgrades for the last several years, and they don't plan on stopping with the additions until 2011. By 2011 the plans call for a total airport area of 35,576 m2 with two levels and a gallery. Shop space will increase, as will restaurant and catering facilities. There's more in the works, and it is down right exciting to see how the airport is changing to meet the needs of the travelers.

    Address: D8, 20213, ilipi, Croatia

    Code: DBV

    Phone: +385 20 773 100