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    Minceta Tower Details

    In a city of towers and fortresses, it may seem like they are all alike. However, they aren't and you will see that quite clearly when you visit Dubrovnik, Croatia and get a good look at Minceta Tower. It's a huge round fort with a totally impressive battlement. It may sound awkward, a little like a stone albatross sitting there, but Minceta is highly regarded as the most beautiful of forts. In addition, it is also considered to be the symbol of the city.Minceta Tower was built in two periods. The first was the quadrangle, built in 1319 by Nyfifor Ranjina. Some further adjustments were made to it in 1455, but were abruptly stopped due to the Plague. Eventually in 1461 building started once again following a wooden model made by architect Michelozzi. This fort was armed with nine guns and on the top was an enormous 64-pounder. It was a true masterpiece of workmanship created by Ivan Rabljanin, a famous gun-moulder.

    Address: Opina Dubrovnik, 20000, Croatia