Hotels in Revelin Fortress

    Revelin Fortress Details

    Another fortress well worth visiting while you are in Dubrovnik, Croatia is the Revelin Fortress built in the 16th century. It's quite interesting in that is an irregular square in a form. It was built outside the city walls in the eastern part of Dubrovnik. Revelin Fortress was built in response to a direct threat from invading Venetians in the mid 16th century. Interesting note: the building of this fortress was considered to be so important that all other construction in the city stopped completely until the fortress was completed.

    Military architect Anton Gerramollino was the brains behind this fortress. He was sent to Dubrovnik to help them get their house in order and to fortify the city. This fortress is virtually impregnable, which was the general idea when it was built, and is surrounded by sea on one side and by a moat on the other three sides. Revelin Fortress was to guard the harbor.