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    Sponza Palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia is classified as being one of the most beautiful of buildings and one that actually survived the Great Earthquake of 1667. The Sponza Palace was built in 1516-1522. The name is rather esoteric, and comes from the word for the spot where water was collected spongia-alluvium. That was the former use of the location the Sponza Palace was erected on. At one time it housed the custom office and bonded warehouse, the mint, bank, treasury and armory. This large rectangular building with an inner courtyard was built by chief architect Paskoje MilicevicSponza Palace is an eclectic and yet appealing mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles, typical of the times it was built. Take a close look at the back wall and you will find a stunning medal with Jesus' monogram and 2 angels, carved by sculptor Beltrand Gallicus. It is said that Dubrovnik was saved thanks to Sponza Palace remaining intact after the Great Quake, that without this building the whole city would have collapsed.

    Address: Opina Dubrovnik, 20000, Croatia

    Phone: +385 20 323 887