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      Korcula Island is located in Croatia. For those looking for a quiet hideaway, Korcula Town (located on the Islands northeastern tip) is the perfect spot. It is small enough to be considered a town, but big enough at the same time that one could spend all day taking in the sites. Korcula hotels offer all the comforts needed for an enjoyable trip. There are numerous choices for hotels in Korcula. All the discount hotels Korcula has to offer can easily be found with When choosing to stay in Korcula, cheap hotels are the smart way to leave funds in the budget for the knickknacks one is apt to find while strolling through the town.The 15th century Gothic Renaissance architecture of the Cathedral of St. Mark in the towns main square is a definite must-see. Visitors will notice the intricate carvings that make up the main entrance to the cathedral the most notable of which is a carving of St. Mark himself atop the door. The Korcula Town Museum is filled with stone carvings and artifacts relating to the Greek inhabitation, displays on the Islands famous history with ships and shipbuilding and other small displays featuring textiles and art collections. If one fancies a trip outside of Korcula Town, Lumbardas approximately 4miles away. When it was originally settled, it was not a well fortified town and eventually the inhabitants abandoned it. In the 16th century, Korculas nobility began settling there and it has since become a popular holiday spot with a local beach and another beach about 1 mile south of the town