Hotels in Hvar Island

      Hvar Island Details

      Hvar Island, part of the Dalmatian coast, sits on the Adriatic, in close proximity to other islands. It also has its own craggy hills. Yet, it is also green and alive with activities. Palmižan Beach is popular with everyone. If you find the Hvar beaches too crowded, set sail for the nearby Hellish Islands. Hvar Island is affordable if you make advance preparations. This will allow you to remain for at least a weekend. Hvar Island is worth at least that amount of time. While you are on the island, visit the town of Hvar. It sits between the Adriatic Sea and pine-covered hillsides. There is along promenade stretching along the sea for you to walk along. At the head of the bay, you can view the ruins of the Dominican Monastery. At the other end of town is the 15th century Franciscan Monastery. Do not forget the Venetian Fortress with a marine museum inside.