Hotels in Lošinj Island

Lošinj Island Details

This is a main island in the Kvarner Archipelago. Lošinj Island sits in the Gulf of Kvarner with a bridge connecting it to the island of Cres. Visit the main town of Mali Lošinj. Nearby are several small islands including Vele Orjule, Kozjak and Male Orjule. You can also go beyond and explore other larger islands in the Kvarner Archipelago e.g. Krk, Rab.This will take more than a weekend. Lošinj Island, therefore, may become more expensive. Lošinj Island can then show you its many coves. At the wide bay of Privalaka, there are two coves: Kovcanja and the port of Mali Lošinj. In this town, you should visit the old ruins of Roman villas. There are also several eremitic churches, including St. Lovrec near Osir and St. James in St. James.