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Medulin is a small town that is situated in the southern region of the Istrian peninsula. It is not heavily populated and depends on tourism for its survival. No matter if you stay a month or a weekend, Medulin is an escape from it all for the interim. Because of the location, it offers peace and serenity in a vacation instead of the loud hectic noise. Medulin hotels offer the ultimate in comfort as any other part of Croatia. Hotels in Medulin include Hotel Medulin, Hotel Arcus Residence, and Apartmani Al Pini. Discount hotels Medulin can be found. Medulin cheap hotels also include options for private rooms and apartments. There is no doubt that Medulin is considered to be one of the most popular bathing places to be on the Adriatic coast. Medulin Bay is the ideal spot for those who love water sports in general. If youd like more info go to