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    Novigrad is a small scenic fishing town in Croatia. Its located about 15 km north of Porec which is another very cultural town. Novigrad is a popular place for tourists to visit. For a delightful weekend, Novigrad can offer everything from sightseeing and shopping to romping around lazily on the beach and swimming. There is true adventure for the newcomer on all fronts in Novigrad. That is one of the things that make this place so amazing is the many different tourist attractions there are available in the city. Hotels in Novigrad are wonderful places in themselves with indoor pools and other amenities. Novigrad hotels include the Maestral, Nautica, and the Laguna Novigrad. Discount hotels in Novigrad can be found also as well. Some of the Novigrad cheap hotels can be located easily by conducting an online search. Lots of detailed information can be found on traveling to Novigrad at