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    Parenzana is a really interesting story, and one that will capture your attention. Although actually at one time a railway route it is/was a narrow gauge railway that was constructed during the rule of the Italians in Croatia. It connected Trieste with Porec between 1902 1935. Totally amazing for a steam locomotive, it went through 604 curves, 35 stops, 8 tunnels, 11 bridges, and 6 viaducts. All this travel was done at the rip snorting speed of 25 km/h, with the fastest rate being 31 km/h.During WW II, the Italians ran out of steel to build a railway in Africa, to they ripped up Parenzana rails, and loaded them on a ship bound for Africa. The ship sank and that was the end of that. The railway route is now used for cyclists and hikers. The bridges are still used as well, mostly for growing mushrooms. It's really something to see and well worth stopping by, particularly if you have a bike and want to take in some fine scenery.

    Address: Karla Huguesa 28, Porec 52440, Croatia