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    Rabac is located about 5km southeast from the town of Labin and is one of Istrias biggest beach resort areas. Rabac used to be a fishing village at one time. But now it contains many hotels, camping grounds, and other things to accommodate the tourists that visit it. If youre one who likes an adventurous weekend, Rabac definitely has a lot to offer you. There is much for the newcomer to do in Rabac unlike other cities that do not offer tourist attractions that are easy to find. The key is ones imagination.Rabac hotels offer very fine accommodations. Some hotels in Rabac include the four-star-hotel called Lanterna and some of the three-star choices are Hotel Amfora and Hotel Castor. Discount hotels Rabac and Rabac cheap hotels can also be found if its an issue of what you can afford. Rabac is a great vacation getaway. Check out more information at