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Rovinj Details

Wishing to visit a very lovely fishing and sightseeing area of Croatia Then your best bet is to go and visit the city of Rovinj there. You will find everything there from beautiful churches to go and see to night and music clubs. Some of the places to go locally for entertainment include the most popular place for fun in town called Monvi. In Monvi you will find concerts clubs with music and local DJ’s from there and neighboring towns performing. Visiting Monvi is a great way to get a taste of the local music scene.Some other sites to visit in Rovinj include the Sv. Eufemija Church and the Old Town Rovinj. Finding great deals on discount hotels in Rovinj is a simple task using for booking. There are numerous hotels in Rovinj that offer great accommodations for people to stay while taking a leisurely tour of this splendid city.