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    Osijek-Baranja Details

    Osijek is the capital of Slavonia in the district of Slavonia-Baranja in Croatia. Located on the south bank of the River Drava, the city dates back to Roman times.

    The principal attraction is the 18th century fortress called Tvrda. Fortunately, this great structure was not badly damaged during the war in the 1990's. Its austere form of Baroque architecture has been preserved. The complex includes military and public buildings, as well as civilian houses, churches, and monasteries. It is very much an open air museum, but also has cafes, shops, and bars. The compound is especially beautiful when lit up at night. The Museum of Slavonia is housed in the Old Town Hall. Its collection includes Greek, Illyrian, and Roman artifacts, as well as richly decorated Croatian folk costumes. There are several interesting churches, including the Church of the Holy Cross and the Church of St. Michael, both of which date to the 18th century. The Church and Monastery of St. James, dating to 1702, is Osijeks oldest building. Europe Avenue is the main road. It takes you through some of the citys beautiful parks, including Kralja Drzislava Park, the site of an impressive bronze war memorial by Robert Franges-Mihanovic. Also be sure to see the Gallery of Fine Arts, housed in an elegant 19th century house.