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Kvarner Bay or Gulf lies in the stretch between Rijeka and Pag Island in Croatia. The Bay is protected in the east by the Učka massif, in the north by the Gorskikotar mountain range and in the north east by the Velebit mountain range. Visitors to Kvarner Bay hotels also go to visit the nearby islands in the bay. These include the islands of Cres, Krk, Loslĭn and Rab. Kvarner Bay then entertains them with the sights of the islands and of the port city of Rijeka.Rijeka is Croatia’s largest port city. It’s city tower was once part of the main gates leading into the city. You can wander the town and visit the Natural Hisotry Museum or gaze up at the 13th century Trsat Castle. There are the Curch of St. Vito and the Church of St. Jerome to see as well as the Naval and historical Museum and the Modern Art Gallery. Another option is Opatija, directly west of Rijeka.