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    The City Clock Tower of Trogir, located in Croatia is something really worth seeing just for the sheer beauty of the building and the unique structure. Take your camera and get some good shots, this is something you will want to talk about when you get home. The city clock tower is on Square John Paul II (Trg Ivana Pavla II), which was at one time called Narodni Trg or National Square. The clock tower is pretty much all that is left of the remains of the small church of Saint Sebastian.The former church of Saint Sebastian was originally built as a thank you to Saint Sebastian for supposedly protecting the city from the plague. Take a good look over the entrance into the tower and you will see statues of Christ on top and Saint Sebastian directly underneath. The sculptor who did these is considered to be one of the best in his field Niccolo Fiorentino. Interesting note: at one time there was a Lion of St. Mark that adorned the building, but it was blown off by anti-Italian activists in 1932.