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Vukovar-Syrmia Details

Vukovar-Syrmia is a county in the eastern part of Croatia. Its principal community is the city of Vukovar. This once beautiful baroque city was bombed almost to rubble during the war in 1991, and is still in the process of rebuilding. If you take a walk around Vukovar in the afternoon or evening, you can see that the community is regaining purpose and vitality. Damaged buildings are gradually being repaired. And there are sites that are not to be missed. On the main street, Strossmayerova, you can see the 18th century Eltz Palace, which was once the home of the local aristocracy. It was damaged during the war, but now houses the Town Museum. The museums collection was expropriated during the war, but the artifacts are gradually being returned. You can also see the shell of the Radnicki Dom (House of the Workers), which was once the headquarters of the Yugoslav Socialist Party. Nearby is a 15th century Franciscan monastery.