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    Ban Josip Jelacic Square Details

    When you are holidays in the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia, one of the monuments you will want to see Ban Jelači Square. It is the central square of the city, and is actually named after Ban Josip Jelacic. It's not hard to find, as it is located below Zagreb's Upper Town, and is south of the old Dolac Market. This square has been around since the 17th century, and aside from the statute you will also find there, the square is alive with interesting buildings in different architectural styles.What you will first notice when you visit the Ban Jelacic Square is the eclectic mixture of building styles from classicism, modernism to secession. Look for the oldest building located at number 18. It was erected in 1827. Take a look in the middle of the square and that is where you will see the large statue of Ban Jelacic on horseback. This statue was created by sculptor Anton Dominik Fernkorn (Austrian). It first went up in 1866 and faced North, over the raised voices of dissention from Council. In 1947 when the communist government of Yugoslavia took over, the statue was removed because they considered Jelacic to be a collaborator. Interesting note: the statue was not destroyed thanks to Dr. Antun Bauer who hid it in his cellar. It went back up in 1990 when Croatia regained independence, although it now faces south.

    Address: Trg bana Josipa Jelačia 10000, Zagreb, Croatia