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      Thalassa Museum Details

      The Thalassa museum, one of the main Cyprus attractions, is the newest museums of its kind in Cyprus. The museum exhibits sea related arts and crafts that date back to prehistoric times and continues to the late nineteenth century. This museum is situated at the center of Agia Napa and is included as a major point of attraction for Cyprus Tourism. The museum serves as a place for concerts and events, art exhibitions and other educational programs where the audience are encouraged to participate. So mark this place for visit on your things to do in Cyprus list.The Thalassa Museum has many different and unique attractions. Kerynia II, which is a replica of the ancient trading ship of the Mediterranean called the Kyrenia Ship, is exhibited here. This is a major attraction apart from the other sights of Cyprus, worth seeing. Another attraction is the replica of the papyrus raft of the Mesolithic age, which dates back to 9200 B.C. There are also displays of a wide collection of vases, idols and statues in the different periods of the Cypriot civilization. Other than the historical exhibits, there are paintings, ceramics, sculptures and engravings of the 19th and 20th century Greek artists and Cypriot artists.

      Address: Kryou Nerou, Ayia Napa, Cyprus